Big disclosure: details of buses sought to threaten transport owners
new Delhi. In order to take the migrant laborers home, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s initiative has moved the politics of one thousand buses. First, the Uttar Pradesh government has approved the permission of the buses, then the list of buses and the submission of fitness certificate of all the buses and finally the number of buses has started politics.

The Congress alleges that buses coming from Rajasthan on the Delhi-UP border were stopped close to Agra and were not allowed to enter the UP border.
Not only this, the Congress has alleged that many bus owners out of a thousand buses are getting threats. Congress leader Supriya Srinet alleged that the UP government was threatening the transporters. He said that the RTOs of the Yogi government are threatening transporters who have provided buses.
Not only this, the Uttar Pradesh government has registered an FIR against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s private secretary Sandeep Singh and Uttar Pradesh Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow on Tuesday evening. It is alleged that the list of buses provided by Uttar Pradesh Congress has numbers of auto and other vehicles also.

However, according to the letter of Lucknow RTO, there are 938 buses out of 1049 vehicles. It has 879 buses and 59 school buses. Despite this, the Uttar Pradesh government continues to drag ahead for permission to run buses for migrant laborers.
Nine letters have been exchanged between the Congress and the UP government to run buses for migrant laborers. The Congress has accused the state government of deliberately not approving buses. A letter was again written by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday evening alleging that the elevated Nagla near Agra are standing on the border, but the administration is not allowing them to go further.

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