Drilis Ertugrul became superhit, face-to-face turkey and UAE, UAE created Ibne Arabic series, know
The series on Turkey’s “Drilis Artugal”, built on the pride of the founder of Sultanate A. Osmania, is making a splash all over the world. It is particularly liked in the Muslim world, although it has been banned in Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. In the midst of all this, the UAE has created a series on the life of Ibn-ul-Arabi, born in the Spanish city of Andulus, in response to the Turkish drama series “Drilis Artugal”.

Muhiuddin Ibn Ul Arabi is the spiritual leader of the Artugal. He has played a very important role in establishing the foundation of Sultanate A. Osmania. Ibn Ul Arabi was a mystic, Sufi, philosopher and poet. He is also known as Shaikh e Akbar in the Muslim world. So the same Western world named him Greatester Master.
Muhiuddin ibn A. Arabi was born in the Moorish culture of Idulis Spain in about 1165. Which was the center of Jewish, Christian and other extraordinary arts. Ibn Ul Arabi’s spiritual achievement became evident at an early age. And again, being a great teacher and famous for his great foresight, Muhiuddin Ibn-ul-Arabi traveled extensively in the Islamic world. And in 1240 AD, in Damascus, Iqkal became angry with this water world.

Ibn ul Arabi wrote more than 350 compositions including Phus al-Hikam. O describes the inner meaning of the knowledge of prophets in the Islam / Christian / Jewish line. And al-Fatuhat-al-Maqqiya is a vast dictionary of spiritual knowledge. Also his major books include “Fusus al-Hikam, Turjuman al-Ashwak, Shazrat al-Kawan.
Ibn-ul-Arabi also lived in Mecca and in addition he lived in Hijaz, Syria, Armenia when he lived in Mecca. Then he wrote the most Sufi works about the love of God. He spent his last time in Damascus. Where he got a lot of respect and love, he got here in 1240. And he became angry with this world.

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