How can reservations in India end without widespread opposition?
The truth is…
More than 70 years after our independence, there are still many people in India who have no means of competing and surviving, if not a reservation system.
The Indian reservation system was originally conceived as a temporary form of positive discrimination, which helps to create equal ground for the havelis in our society.

I am sure you will have no problem – if this system helps a poor farmer’s daughter to become an IFS officer and represent India on the world stage. We are all proud.
If you claim a seat at a medical college named after the same IFS officer’s daughter, you will probably have a problem if this doctor’s son makes a reservation in an engineering college.
The main problem – that reservation policy often does – for some, is a cheat-code for the wealthy and the ability of reserved communities – to actually help ensure the spread of caste and class divisions in our society. The idea of ​​hatred and harassment – something that needs to be done to erase this system first.
It won’t be long.
There are two ways to do this:
Universalize the quality of education, no matter what the fees – everyone should get good school infrastructure regardless of their schooling ability (a possible way to ensure this is done by our elected representatives and it is mandatory for senior bureaucrats to enroll their children in public schools)
Encourage leadership from reserved classes and communities, demanding reservation between families who have taken advantage of this system and are able to get out of the cycle of poverty and destruction – to ensure that the reservation serves only those who need it most.
Easy to say – almost impossible to implement. That is why we are all engaged in beating, justifying or defaming it.
Jai Hind.

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