Sheikh Sudais Eidul Fitr 1441H Announcement Summary. Sheikh recited the Eid Takbeer We praise Allah for granting us the occasion of Eidul Fitr. May Allah make it a blessed Eid for all of us.
We present the warmest of Eid greetings to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Crown Prince, entire Saudi community and entire Muslim Ummah.

May Allah make this eid dawn upon us with peace, safety, goodness and success. We all must understand that the coming of Eid is one of Allah’s great blessings. Allah says in the verse talking about the month of Ramadhan, 2:185 “and Allah wants for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that to which He has guided you and perhaps you will be grateful”
We thank Allah for helping us complete this period and for all His blessing upon us and for granting us the opportunity to worship Him through our fasting, offering the night prayers and recitation of Quran. We ask Him to accept them and make them sincere for His sake. Muslims are advised to recite the Takbeer abundantly and thank Allah. This Eid has come upon us in different situations while the world is battling with this pandemic situation. But the Eid still remains a part of the shariah.

Islam has ordained it to bring happiness, joy and goodness no matter how the conditions differ. A Muslim should thank Allah for this blessing and understand that all of this is because of Allah’s decree and he must be happy with what Allah has decreed. Let us be happy and feel the joy of Eid and let us connect with our family members and relatives using the various options modern technology has provided us.
All are advised to take care of the precautionary measures and obey and coordinate with the authorities. The Eid Salah will be offered in the Haram at 6:00am in the morning. May Allah accept all our deeds.

Eid Mubarak…
May Allah bring it again and again upon us.
The shaikh prayed for the security and health personnel, all employees at the general presidency, the soldiers at the borders, the Imams and Khateebs for their services.

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