Meet our new muslim sister from Japan
My Name: Anna Farhan,
Nationality: Japan
Age: 25
Previous religion: Shinto mixed Buddhism

I’ve started being interested in Islam since 2012 after becoming friends with some Malaysian students.
Up until that time, because of the wrong information from the media,
I thought that Islam is a bad religion and that Muslims are terrorists.
I became afraid of Muslims even though I didn’t know any Muslim or have any Muslim friends.
Since I became friends with some Malaysian Muslims, my views have changed.

I learned that Islam is not a bad religion, I saw their behaviors, how they treat their families, friends and others as well.
One of them taught me that “Islam means peace. Islam doesn’t teach us to kill people and Islam teaches us to do good deeds. We’ll be rewarded for our good deeds.”
I’m so touched by his words and I was very ashamed of myself because of how wrong I understood Islam.

I started to learn Islam by myself and sometimes visited mosques to gain knowledge about the religion. I learned from YouTube and books.
I would sometimes joined prayers in the mosque and I took my shahada in Japan.
Quran is like our live’s guide book.

I want non Muslims to know that Islam is a good religion and that it loves peace.
I know there are still a lot of people who doesn’t fully understand Islam, but having Muslim friends will give you great benefits.
It might be difficult for non Muslims to understand Islam, but I hope they could try to know some Muslims first.

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