Scientists claim Israel is going to become desert, haditho already mentioned
Scientists claim: Desert is becoming Israel, hadith predicted
The problem of many parts of the world, including India, with the land becoming barren, the level of underground water going down, that is, the plot of a plot going to become a desert. Global warming, climate change as well as many other reasons are causing this danger. Scientists have warned that there is a great risk of Israel becoming a desert. Learn more about this by quoting the latest report.

Scientists at Haifa University warned on Tuesday that if the current environmental conditions remain the same, there is a danger of Israel becoming a desert by the end of the century. Speaking to Israeli newspaper Yizrayal Hayom, Professor Yuri Shanas said that if the projections of temperature rise for the future, the whole country is going to become a desert.
A media report quoting Professor Shanas wrote that the way the temperature had shown rise in the last decade was not normal. Every year the temperature is increasing for a long time. The graph seems to be moving towards the terrible weather conditions. Generally, the cold weather would have a temperature like the Negev Desert in Galli, if the havoc of global warming continued in this way.

Hadiths related to the drying up of the Galilee lake
The prediction of the drying up of Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) is also established from two authentic hadiths. The first is a Hadith which describes the Orasi of Tamim al-Dari with thirty men from the Lakhum and Judham tribes, when he arrived on the mysterious island by a ship. According to that hadith, he apparently met Dajjal who was chained in an abandoned monastery.
Dajjal asked them to inform them about Lake Tiberias, in particular, whether it still had water or not, to which people replied that it was flowing with water in abundance. Dajjal then said: soon it will dry up ”(Sahih Muslim)

The second hadith makes it clear that the drying up of Lake Tiberias will not be complete until the Yazuz and the Majuz invade the Holy Land and drink its waters to the last, as the Prophet Mohammad said:
“Allah will send Yajuj and Majuj, a flock of them will descend down the slope. The first of them will pass by the lake Tiberias and drink what is in it, and the last of them will pass by it and say: There was water here once. “(Sahih Muslim)

Currently, the sea water limit of Galilee is very low. Israel is entering its sixth consecutive year of drought, and the Sea of ​​Galilee is dangerously close to the “black line” beyond which continuous pumping of water will cause irreversible damage to the water source.
Prof. Colin Price of Tel Aviv Unity has also expressed his solidarity with Shanas saying that greenhouse gases are increasing randomly through industries, energy sector, power plants and wild vehicles, which is not only for the whole earth. Is dangerous For these reasons, experts have estimated that the year 2020 is going to be the hottest in the history of Israel.

If the Israeli Meteorological Service predicted, then in the next few days the heat of the heat can wreak havoc in the country. Reports said that the temperature remained above 38 ° C for a whole week around the beaches of Israel. This is the first time. Heatwave estimates suggest temperatures in the Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea can reach 48 ° C, while in Tiberias and Eilat up to 45 ° C.
Apart from this, temperatures are expected to go up to 43 ° C in Birsheva, while in Tel Aviv it is expected to reach 42 ° C and in Jerusalem up to 38 ° C.

Last year, India held a global conference on the growing threat of land deserts, then it was revealed that the equivalent land of states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, 30% of India’s land was prone to becoming desert. . This threat has arisen due to reasons like deforestation of forests, excessive yields, soil erosion and wild exploitation of moist land.
Apart from India, such threats are seen in many parts of Africa and America. The United Nations has been publishing reports in this regard from time to time. Last year, the fire of the Amazon forests was also linked to global warming. Overall, this is a big danger, about which experts are constantly giving warnings.

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