How difficult is it to get a small business loan from the federal government?
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Replied on February 15th
The government and the Fed lend money to those who make enough money, or, say, another way to get out of debt!
In the plight of the unemployed baby boomer, hundreds of thousands of home equity cannot be withdrawn from a paid home due to unemployment. You can see Fader dancing to the song “You Can’t Touch It”.
The worst of all of this is that the Fedster and Banker Baby Boomer lecture, in particular, does not pay off the triple triple backed debt on home equity.
What did some of the worst lie lawyers tell their clients?
In fact the answer is: What do some of the biggest lie advocates tell their clients?
All I know is, “You have a good case, but we can’t represent you.” I cannot tell you how many times someone has come to me with a clearly defective case, and they claim that lawyers from some reputable law firm have said they have a major case, but for some reason the company does not act on it; The opponent is very powerful / horror, conflict of interest, etc.
I believe this is standard practice when a potential customer is not asked to say that there is a good case. Or it is necessary for potential customers to listen (or to claim that they are listening). And it makes sense, because if a lawyer tells a potential client that their case is not valid, the potential client can use that lawyer without making a case for them. In addition, the potential customer will come to the company the next time they have a good case. It is therefore every encouragement for the lawyer to say that the matter is on merit.
It is true that sometimes a lawyer cannot make a good case for many reasons. In those cases, they usually refer to the person who can take the case, because the good cases will be the reference part and the parcel good cases will be sent back to you. So if a lawyer tells you that you have a good case, they can’t take it, and “good luck”, then you probably have a poor case.
What are some of the characteristics of a bad lawyer?
Let me give you a great example of a bad lawyer!
To cut the long story short, I broke up with a group of half-naked unknown women.
(No one in BC took me to the airport, duh)
Eventually the corona police took all our clothes, including our clothes bishop, and suspected that the virus was hidden somewhere in the clothes.
And then I began to fear that I would sow those beautiful naked women with pins like pins and reach for a glass of disinfectant bisbon.
Corona police suddenly returned my clothes and kicked me out of the room.
My very bad lawyer called me and complained that I didn’t have my own room.
I would not define him as going to kill him.
Honestly who would do such a thing.
Why is social justice always more about authority than power?
Why is social justice always more about authority than power?
Ellis Island immigrants did not have immediate qualifications in the 50s, 60s and 70s. They know they will be working for the next 20 or 30 years and eventually they will get their entrance.
Democrats threw Ellis Island immigrants under the bus so they could reverse the qualifications they earned as newcomers became young Democrats.
H.I.P.A.A. The rules insult medical seniors, the FBI does not investigate, law enforcement rarely investigates, and the state medical board routinely prints an incident on the “standard of care” for the status of a criminal investigation warrant. Our seniors are not protected and both parties are fine with it.
True social justice advocates protect our bosses. Instead, our seniors are being fired ahead of time, and the media is also camping on the border.
Eighty-year-olds died before any benefits were due to FIRs being less than 80-year-olds.
If Republican politicians could use all the immediate entries for the new arrival, they would find that those who had made their enrollments for many decades would have more money.
Unfortunately, Republican politicians wash away the admissions program so often that they offer “CAPS” for medical care, in essence, punishing older people from the previous generation who did not immediately qualify when they moved to America. Come and take care of themselves. They may reach a higher age.
There are lies, a political party that cares about social responsibility, and Democrats really care about social responsibility for newcomers, legally and otherwise.
Until they turn 55, they need to see their arrival, as long as they are not likely to go from Democrat to Republican, they may be Democrats.

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