Worker trains made Bier. A murder case should be filed against the railway minister
There has been widespread anger across the country over the death of passengers in trains. The anger of the people is due to the arrival of dead bodies in place of humans. Releasing the platform, terming the workers trains as laborers, has held railway minister Piyush Goyal responsible for it and demanded a murder case against him. At the same time, the organization has formed a team on the case of the deceased migrant laborers, who will try to meet the families of the deceased and help them all possible.

Rhea Manch General Secretary Rajiv Yadav said that trains running for somewhere are going somewhere and hungry thirsty laborers in trains are turning into zombies. It is a crime not a negligence. And the Ministry of Railways is to blame for this. He said those responsible should be immediately booked for murder. The bodies of the workers of Purvanchal, including Azamgarh, Jaunpur, tell us how many laborers, sisters and brothers, may have fallen prey to death, which we are not aware of. Reports of deaths of more than 300 workers are coming from media sources.

First, laborers were forced to suffer from hunger in the metros and then they were made dead corpses by walking on the streets. The government is bent on destroying the concept of a public welfare state, but also on eliminating the laborers and farmers who save the country. In the name of Corona, from the government employee to the police, the public is not only an attacker, but is also trampling the right to life. The result of no action against them is that at some crossroads, the body of a laborer is being found in a bogie.

The CPI (ML) has also reacted strongly to this. The party’s Bihar state secretarial Kunal has expressed deep anguish over the frequent deaths of migrant laborers in a very painful manner due to 10-10 days of late trains, scorching heat and lack of food and water. The state secretary of the party, Comrade Kunal, said that the Modi government has done too much. It seems that situations are being deliberately created in which there is no other way left for the workers except to die. The country will never forgive Modi for this great crime being committed against humanity. These are not murders of death

It is not a coincidence that 40-40 trains have lost their direction. This is either a big conspiracy or the result of negligence of the first rank. All the principles of physical distance are left in the loop. Workers, like sheep and goats, have been crammed into trains without any facilities while the government has recovered more money from the freight. Migrant laborers are also suffering a lot due to walking and sad news of their death is continuously coming from everywhere. How can laborers survive without food, water at 45-46 degree temperature for 9-10 days?

Like Modi, Nitish Kumar too is not holding any accountability and is only engaged in rhetoric. This criminal of Modi-Nitish is watching and understanding the people of the country.
CPI-ML workers are sending relief material to laborers wherever possible. The CPI-ML appeals to the people of the country and Bihar that when our governments have left a large section of the citizens of their own country to die, they come forward and provide relief to the workers as much as possible.
(Based on press release.)

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