A rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going to the river. Every monkey has 1 parrot each. How many of the animals went to the river?
Many have responded to ‘3’ by quoting the claim that parrots are not ‘animals’. My answer is that the query is incomplete or the data given in the query is insufficient. How to explain me:

Statement 1: A rabbit saw 4 elephants on their way into the river.
It is clearly stated that the rabbit saw elephants on their way to the river. Therefore, it was confirmed that the rabbit was going into the river. He is an animal that goes into the river. But the statement did not specify whether the elephants were going to the river or elsewhere. Not even mentioning where the original, elephants were going. They may go elsewhere, or stand side by side. What does not bother

Statement 2: Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going to the river.
It is called “going to the monkey river.” So, it was clear that the monkeys were going into the river. (This does not mean “going to the river.” In some, three elephants saw the same two monkeys, while the other elephants saw two monkeys (each) of a different set (s). Either way, only one thing is clear – at least two monkeys appeared to be heading into the river. Therefore, we have at least two animals going into the river. Therefore, it makes three animals that are confirmed to be going to the river.

Statement 3: Each monkey has 1 parrot.
Protection! Each monkey is said to have “1 parrot”. Not that the monkeys carry their parrots with them. Although each monkey has one parrot, they (monkeys) are more likely to leave the parrot without going into the river. Therefore, regardless of whether or not we treat animals as birds, there is no question that verifies that parrots are (or are being carried) into the river. Therefore, we are left in the same position at the end of Statement 2 – that is, the confirmation that three animals are going into the river.

Now, coming to the last part: the question is “how many animals went into the river?” Note the added importance. Asked how many animals went into the river – how many of them went into the river. Someone, X, is looking at another, Y, going to a place, not seeing that (Y) actually visited the place. Y didn’t get to the place, but whatever the reason, he went somewhere else. As in the scenario presented in question, when the animals in question went to the river, they saw a lion or a tiger and a bait near the river, so, fearing for their lives, Gaya walked elsewhere – not even the river. In this scenario, none of the animals went into the river, three of them going into the river.

Therefore: the question is “how many animals go into the river”, the answer is (at least) three times, but, because the question is ‘how many animals went into the river’ to end the data answer. Not enough, because no statements have confirmed that any animals actually went into the river.

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