Boasting Tiber to the west of Rome’s historic center, the Via del Corso, is one of the city’s main centers and one of its beautiful neighborhoods. Amidst its labyrinth and romantic piazzas, you’ll find major sites such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, along with a host of churches filled with artistic treasures. In fact, pop in almost any church here and you’ll see a masterpiece or two. The area is made for a walk and there are many wide roads to visit, the Via del Governo Vecchio, a beautiful rounded lane with fashion boutiques and vintage shops. 

On the other side of Corso Vittorio Emanuel II, Via Giulia is another glamorous strip with its orange trees, private galleries and contemplative luxury hotels. At some point, you will definitely end up at the Campo de Fiori. During the day, the gulzar hosts a colorful produce market, but at night it becomes an open pub and its bars and cafes are filled with hard-drinking tourists and young locals. For a more leisurely drink, find Sant Eustacchio, the caf అందించే that serves some of the best coffee or Barnum cafes in the city, which offers great cocktails. Another deadly place is the Via del Portico de Ottavia, the main route in the climate ghetto. It is hot in the evening as many restaurants and crowds flock to Tretoria to sample the city’s best Roman-Jewish cuisine.

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