How are people cheated in India?
I recently found a marketing tool that I think is worth sharing. I am a regular consumer of honey for my needs and buy dabar honey. It comes in different styles of packaging and the product looks great.
So, last time I went for some shopping, I saw an attractive offer for this product, Get 1 by 1 Free ‘.

I am getting 2 products for 1 product price – MRP 280 / – Rs. So, first I save Rs 280. Without a second thought, I bought it and honey is an expensive commodity so I am very happy to be back at my house and I take it on a regular basis.
Later that day, when I was free and my rational mind awakened, I decided to reckon with the real benefits and benefits I received:
For this, I checked the volume and price for each item. For simplicity, I count them as given points.
I buy 1 & 2 items regularly and I buy things on offer 3. Therefore, I get 1 rupee of honey for each item.

Item 1
Net size – 300 grams
MRP – 110 Rs
I get it for 100 rupees after the discount
Honey grams per 1 rupee – 300/100 = 3.00 grams
Item 2
Net Volume – 600 g
MRP – Rs. 199
After the discount, I get it for Rs 190
Honey grams for 1 rupee – 600/190 = 3.15 grams

So, in normal condition, I get 3 grams of honey for 1 rupee. Now, logically, when I buy on a “Buy 1 Buy 1” offer, I usually get twice the amount I get for 1 rupee. It’s over.
Item 3
Net size – 400 grams in 1 g, so 2 in 800 grams
MRP – Rs 280
After the discount, I get it for Rs 266
Honey grams for 1 rupee – 800/266 = 3.007 grams
Therefore, I get the same amount of honey after the “Buy 1 Get 1” offer. In fact, I would be at a loss if I bought Item 3 without a “get 1 get it” offer.
Final Notes – Open to your description

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