What are some ugly truths of life? Do you know who is she ?
She is the news anchor of the movie Tripathi – Aaj Tak.
Recently, it was incorrectly stated that “West Bengal extended the lockdown until April 40” during the news.

By mistake he said 40 April. And all of you are familiar with social media and Indians. It was then that people started mocking him on social media such as Tickettack and Twitter.
When she showed the news of this expansion in West Bengal, she captioned, “40 people died of coronavirus in 24 hours,” so she accidentally spoke on 40 April. And he made it clear on Twitter but people are people, they are quirky.

Q. What are the bizarre truths of life?
A: He has been in journalism for many years and has won awards. He was brilliant at his job, but for the first time people noticed a word and started shooting. So, no matter how good you are, it is only a foolish mistake for people to make fun of you. Everyone is here to learn from mistakes. If you do millions of good things, then one mistake is more likely.will be noticed more.
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