What are the little things that reveal a lot about a person’s psychology and personality.
Fast Eating – Fast eaters are ambitious, moving and impatient. People who eat slowly are one to have patience and enjoy life.

Responding to Humiliations – When people accept every insult they make a joke, they get insecure if they get super defensive, they feel confident if they joke around it.
Ability to express emotions – People who cannot talk about their feelings have an undesirable traumatic history.
Shows concern physically – People who perform repetitive behaviors such as nail biting, foot tapping are perfect.

Behavior towards good people – If they speak in contempt of good people, they will be intimidated and jealous.
Who they talk about in the conversation – low self-worth if they justify questions about themselves. Narcissistic if they can’t stop talking about themselves.
The ability to take a joke – it’s easy to get caught up in the big ego and have low self-esteem.
When they point out their mistakes – big egos if they become aggressive, blame on others is the mentality of the victims, if they can accept it.

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