What is the best life advice?
She is a famous actress Aditi Rao Haidari.
He was beautiful.
Background story

His parents are Ishaan Hydari and Vidya Rao. From her mother’s side, she is the granddaughter of Raja J Rameshwar Rao, head of the Vanaparthi royal family. From her father’s side she was the granddaughter of Mohammed Saleh Akbar Haidari, the former Prime Minister of the Hyderabad province. We can easily understand that he is a millionaire because he has different businesses.
Can’t their parents feed them for a lifetime?

They can do it.
Can’t she marry a rich man and enjoy her life?
She could be.
Did he do that?
She earned her career and today she is known as Miss Aditi Rao Hydari. She has many flap films, but she’s trying her best to stand out. If she does not make her career, she will be known as Vidya Rao’s daughter or Ishaan Hydari’s daughter or Jez’s wife and she will be honored as his daughter.
Bill Gates
Her eldest daughter, Jennifer, is now attending medical school in New York and wants to become a great doctor.
The second is a high school pass and the third is at school.
My advice to girls and boys – regardless of what you inherit from your parents (whether you are a billionaire or a billionaire) work at age 20 and make a mark. You will fail but keep trying.

You must call yourself by your name.
It’s tough but without your own identity you have nothing in this present world.
Make it in the area you love and no area is inferior. Even if you cannot remember your birthday, it is not futile, but on the day you die, you must 100 Dur ఖn (with good intentions) and only then will your purpose of life survive.
For Parents – Do not say, “You have enough money to spend” on your children, but support them to build their careers.
For those who commented below – I took it as an example. She may not be that talented actress, but she came out and made her career without relying on inherited quotes.
There are many examples – Obama’s daughters (they work for Pocket Money), Bill Gates’s daughter working to become doctors, Kartik Aryan (son of wealthy doctors) and so on.
Note – As I wrote in college, I remember the words of my super super rich girl: “My parents are fit and if I don’t succeed on my first attempt, I don’t have to work hard and build my career.

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