What is the monthly salary of LIC AAO?

 I joined LIC AAO as the 29th Batch DR in 2017 ..

Currently (September 2018) I receive (deduct salary) ₹ 46311

In July we received more than ₹ 13300 treatments.

{And if the CPI remains the same, from next month the DA will add 66 slabs that will add about 00 2500 to the salary!}

-With pay, your Sodexo card will also be credited at inga 185 per day.

-You will also find entertainment costs, newspaper subsidies, Mobile reload costs and much more.: P

-If you are disturbed in the accommodation, you can get it by going to the home to which you were sent. You will receive an additional ₹ 8000 in C class city but the HRA will be deducted.

Handset refunds ₹ 10000 once every three years

Refunds of the fund of 2700 once every three years

-Leave permission to travel 3000km each to 2 AC Fare with family once every two years

-In that time of choice of medication, medical cover reaches up to 50 deficiencies.

I hope this will help.

Pic Credit: My Phone!

Schedule 1: Household costs of ₹ 1000 / month added from Sep 2018.

Edit2: Meal Coupon Rate increased from ₹ 185 to 5 205 per day

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