Kim Kardashian’s imminent divorce ‘of Turks and Kaiko West on Kaikos tour

Kim Kardashian is reportedly preparing for a legal battle with her husband Kenny West in a divorce court.
But being with the Kardashian star is enjoying some time between her ‘imminent divorce’.
He wore some skinny jacket sneakers on the beach on Thursday, enjoyed a girls’ trip with the Turks and Caicos with his sisters and daughters, and took a boat in the beautiful blue waters.
Beach Girls: Kim Kardashian wears some amazing sneakers on the beach on Saturday, she enjoys a trip to the Turks and Caicos with her sisters and daughters, taking a boat on the beautiful blue water
The 40-year-old wore her signature curves on matching string shorts with matching bike shorts, which moved her hips.
Holding hands in the sand with her Seven, daughter North, she looked like the best kid on the block, like her neon beach.
Sister Courtney, 41, served the body by posing with a stunning top in a Kardashian orange color two-piece string bikini.
She accessed the look with some rectangular turtle sunglasses and a large straw hat.
Orange Are You Hot? 41-year-old sister Courtney Kardashian wears an orange two piece string bikini with a shiny top
The fashionable entrepreneur had green juice in her hands and a phone charger‌, while she was walking to the beach, Thong was on a dirty display in bottles.
He was accompanied by 23-year-old Anastasia ‘Stacey’ Karnikolo and 28-year-old Kylie’s former assistant Victoria Villarerel.
Stacey tied her diarrhea to a short black thong as she wore a matching miniskirt wrap with a Victoria strapless black bikini top.
The team rented a speedboat, which they sailed across the Atlantic in a back-to-back boat.
They also stopped drowning, because North poured water with a splash in the water, to make her mother and aunts swim.
Sisters Klose Kardashian, 36, and Kylie Jenner, 23, who were on a picnic, also joined him to escape.
Proud mothers brought Kim’s daughter, Chicago, three, as well as Kylie’s daughter Stormini on a trip, celebrating her third birthday on Monday, February 1st.
They prefer to stay in an 11-bedroom, 18-bathroom villa, with an overnight fee of $ 30,000 for 16 guests.
This comes after a source for the week told us that Kim had ‘financial advisors to figure out an exit plan that would be best for his whole family’.
Kim and her husband are expected to split Kanye West’s shared assets equally, as they together split $ 4 billion.
The insider said: ‘Kim is ready to split her and Kanye’s finances and assets, which is a very affordable deal for everyone. Kim had her assets and financial readiness when she decided to formally file.
‘Friends thought she was going to file in September, but she’s going out. This does not mean that everything has already happened behind the scenes. ‘
Kanye, 43, made his first appearance last weekend on a vacation in Wyoming Ranch with his chicken on Sunday at Van News Airport in Los Angeles.
Amid several reports that Kim has been meeting with divorce lawyer Laura Wasser in recent weeks, Kanye has told the public that ‘he is talking to divorce lawyers this week’.
He and Yiji Mughal are living separately because after months of treatment their relationship has become completely toxic.
A source recently told us about their divorce weekly: ‘Kim and Kanye have no choice but to eventually break up because the communication between them has become so toxic.
‘They set out with great intentions in late 2020 and wanted to find a way to stay together when they spent time together.
“But it turned out that the mediators had reached a state of evil shock and confrontation, and since none of them wanted the children to know about that kind of animosity, they were alone.”
Kim and Kanye were married in May 2014 in Florence, Italy and they have daughters North, Seven, Chicago, Three, Sun Saint, Five and Heim, One.
Another insider told Our Weekly: ‘Kinney is jealous of prison reform and dedication to children.
‘Kanye wanted the family to go to Wyoming all the time. This is where he sees this direction in his life. Kim currently misses her life in Wyoming. ‘
He said that although the couple was working on their marriage in counseling, they had not held a joint meeting together for some time.
‘Kim continues to meet her marriage counselor in the same sessions. Kim’s only focus was on how it would affect the children, and Kanye agreed to those discussions. ‘
Meanwhile, amid the struggle to make the marriage work, Page Six reported that Kanye’s unsuccessful president was the ‘final straw’ for Kim.
According to a source, Skims Mughal needs to end the marriage for his children and for himself. ‘
One thing came to light when it was revealed in July that Kanye had a miscarriage while she was pregnant in the north, eventually spreading rumors of a divorce.

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