Mosques in Mumbai continue to embrace solar power!!

Climate change and rising temperature had already led many mosques in Mumbai to install A.Cs to ensure comfortable ambience for worshippers visiting mosques for prayers. The increase in electricity bills due to A.Cs and ever increasing electricity tariffs in the city left many mosques searching for a balance act which was provided by none other than Rooftop PV Solar Power Plants.

Mired by the pandemic the situation has only worsened. Once again, it is solar power plants to the rescue & latest one to join the lists of solar powered mosque in Mumbai is Madina Masjid from Versova, Andheri West.

Standing tall since 1925 amidst the corrosive winds in the vicinity of Versova beach, the masjid has installed a 12 kWp (kilo-Watt peak) solar power plant on its roof which is set to generate roughly 15,500 kW-hrs of electricity per year which will help in reducing 7.8 tonnes of CO2 every year and also help in saving Rs.1.90 Lakhs per annum on electricity bill. This 12 kWp plant is sufficient cater to mosque’s entire energy requirement

The solar plant is powered by Norway based Singapore made premium solar panels by REC & Austria made premium inverter brand Fronius. The life of the plant is for 25 years of which the mosque shall recover its cost of installation in less than 5 years.

We look forward to more Religious Institutions, Education Institutes & Residents in the locality to opt for this greener, cheaper & long term solutions for the ever increasing electricity bills!!

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