No, more sex is not the answer to country problems

“About sex,” Scott Gallow tweeted in a viral thread earlier this week. “In particular, young people do not have (enough) sex.” Galloway argues that regular sex is a constant force that leads to “relationships, responsibilities and railings.” When there is a sex defect, men have to go out: “Young people are out of hand, in the basement, out of work, not having sex, unrelated to the RH account, phone and excitement, and a definite storm of instability when you are fighting over established players.”
Give sex to basement men, refer to this tweet thread. Or they will degrade the economy.
There are some issues with this, uh.

1. As many Women’s Day traders point out, not everyone bets on GameStop and AMC theaters – soaking up the rich is a complicated strategy – he’s a man, a sexually bored subtrainer.
2. Through Galloway’s Reimbursement, provokes the ill effects of unbridled capitalism on the desire and solution of women in the bedroom. Yes, the country has been tightened, but it can be determined if there is one person in the country’s basement. . .

Unless two other serious news heels are about whether the Cooper couple is buying at the time of the outbreak, it is a secret hypothesis that can easily be ignored. Short answer: they are not. Did Baby Boom predict something? It did not come Brookings Institution now estimates that the coronavirus will lead to a “big, permanent baby fall” with a 300,000 reduction. In a second report, NBCLX found that hospital systems across the country were seeing lower births than usual: home-based orders began nine months later, with rates lower at 7 percent in Ohio, 8 percent in Florida and 5 percent in Arizona. Is. Compared to 2019.
Financial uncertainty, forced homework and daily fear in a grocery store battling a terminal illness is not that, it is aphrodisiac.

“This is a bad situation,” a sociologist and demographer at the University of Maryland told NBCLX. This article explains: A small group of infants will eventually have a small workforce, with fewer young workers entering the social security system.
Yes, the country’s qualifying programs have to go to the mattress, but the country’s heterosexual people can decide whether or not to just. . .
Are there reports of poor quality births with a number-crunching report in a horrible Twitter thread? Except for the alien landing on Earth to read the headlines, it ends with the notion that America likes (not enough sex) and how to fix it (more).

Day traders are virgins so do not short circuit the system. They do this for a number of reasons, including personal gain and a fondness for brick and mortar shops and movie theaters. Mostly, they are doing this because our flawed, unfair and highly manipulated system allows it. “The GameStop roller coaster shows what happens when the stock market is played like a casino,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). “… If we want a healthy stock market, we have to beat the police.”

Note how the senator added, “Furthermore, women should do their part by luring men out of e-trade.” No one thinks seriously about how you control the world of finance.
More serious child fall. In 20 years, we may not have enough young workers for the post-retirement lives of the elderly. But infection is not the only reason why women do not have children. This is also due to inadequate detection of infection. In a world without child care, women do not want to have children. They do not want to have children in a world where they do not know if they have the financial means to lose their jobs, pay fixed wages or pay gender differences. They do not like to introduce the new generation to an easily falling planet unless it turns faster and faster.

Raising a family has made it almost harder for America. This was true before the epidemic. For women, in particular, their career, finances, leisure time and physical autonomy have traditionally been successful.
No, sex is not the solution to our problems. The solution to our problems is a critical examination of why people are falling short about it, how we can make them and what we want to do more about it, and it includes the overall integrity of the system that looks like a Ponzi scheme. And create the illusion of a healthier society, relying on purchases in more healthy children.

“It’s about sex” handles both misunderstanding and comfort. It is a sacrificial goat. It says: See? We do not need to repair the entire infrastructure of the disabled. We need to cool women down and put some on Enia.
The future of mankind may depend on sex, but society has no future.
Monica Hessey is a columnist who writes about gender and its impact on society. For more travel

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