The First World War and the Halal Meat:

During the war European in general and the British Empire in particular made it possible for Muslim Soldiers, a much needed man power to have their own way of slaughtering the animals. 
Today almost 100 years since the First World War, some European countries have implemented ban on Islamic way of slaughtering the animal and some are in discussion to implement it in the future. Today’s Europe does not need Muslim soldiers to defend their borders nor they want Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
The First World War which meant to end all wars created more wars in the last century and displaced millions of people mostly Muslims from their homeland. 
Below is an interesting photograph shows Indian soldiers sitting with animals in front of a butcher shop. Left side says, ‘Mohammedan Meat House’ means Halal and right side says, ‘Hindu Meat House’ mean non-halal mostly for Sikh soldiers.

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