Anchor News Top List for Zee News Channel
Zee news Media’s main news network list with name and small bio (Included male and female news presenter)

Zee News is one of the most popular Channel of India news. He has worked in the media industry for almost two decades. The station was established on August 27, 1999. Thousands of journalists work daily on Zee News and provide all the important information to the people of the country.

List of Anchors News Zee
Many news channels offer their services on this channel, but the list of ten most popular news shows on the channel is as follows:

1. Sudhir Chaudhary
Sudhir Chaudhary is the lead editor and news advertiser for Zee News. He owns the popular DNA news program on the station. Sudhir is like the face of the station who has been offering his services to the center for a long time.

2. Aditi Tyagi
Aditi Tyagi is a popular Zee journalist and news presenter who works as a co-editor for the channel. She started journalism in 2006. He has since worked with leading news channels such as Aaj Tak and Zee News.

3. Mimansa Malik
Mimansa Malik is one of the top journalists in the media industry. He has worked in this field for over 2 years. She has also received many awards based on her talent. Malik has also been identified in the beauty industry as the sister of the famous Hindi television actor Meghna Malik.

4.U-Aman Chopra
Aman is a Journalist & News Anchor for zee news channel. He hosts the popular news debate program ‘Taal Thok Ke’ and ‘Deshhit’ on this channel.

5. Sheerin Sherry
Sheerin Sherry is a News Anchor and Journalist. He has been providing his services by joining Zee News since 2018.

7. Sachin Arora
Sachin Arora is not only Zee News but also one of the country’s youngest and most famous journalists. He has been providing his services on this channel for a long time and has hosted many sports and TV talk shows.

8. Payodi Shashi
Payodhi Shashi Sharma is one of Zee News’s young journalists who, in a short time, has made a name for herself in the industry. The daily news bulletins held by him are very popular.

9. Aditi Avasthi
Aditi Avasti is a news presenter. It has been associated with Zee News for over 5 years. Aditi is in charge of the Daily News Bulletin and has a good understanding of economics and politics.

10. Rahul Sinha
Rahul Sinha has been working for this news channel for a long time. He is one of the few journalists who does journalism on zero ground and in front of the camera. His powerful voice has become very popular in many media reports.

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