Human fingerprints are magnificent. Today, computers and doors opened with fingerprints are used as a password. Because each person’s fingerprint is different. In fact, each fingerprint of a person is different from the other. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century that fingerprints had a distinct and specific form for each person, like a serial or registration number, and began to be used for identification, especially in security and law. Today, there is a branch of science called “Dactiloscopy” that examines fingerprints.

God Almighty, who bestowed this feature on man, drew attention to this divine wonder in the verses of the Quran that he sent down 1400 years ago. On the Day of Judgment, he said that while he was resurrecting the human body, he would even arrange his fingertips in his old state. The following is stated in the verses: “Does a person think that we cannot gather his bones together? Yes, I am, we can afford to arrange even his fingertips exactly as they were. ” (al-Qiyama, 3-4)

As you can see, the Quran always goes first, and human knowledge comes after it by affirming it. Just like fingerprints, people’s eyes are different from each other. Machines operated, computers or doors that are opened instead of passwords are becoming more common in daily life. How exalted is Allah Who creates endless differences in a tiny area not even 1 cm2!

One of the great miracles of God in human bodies is the fingerprints. Your fingerprints are different than anyone else on earth. It’s impossible to find someone who possesses the same as yours.

Look at yourself, every single detail in your body indicates that there must be an intelligent creator. Your body is full of miracles that prove His existence.
“And in yourselves. Then will you not see?” (Quran 51:21)
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