How to overcome from my spouse past relationships according to Islam?

Answer …….
May Allah make it easy for you. In order to be able to give you advice, it is important that we see what went wrong, and even if it did, it is important that we know the past so that we can move forward with a clear and solid vision.

It has been a big mistake since you last informed your husband about your previous relationship. Many people think that honesty is the key to success. This is wrong as long as one turns to Allah.
As a result, you should first put up with the fact that you brought this up with yourself, feeling that your husband has an excuse. It is very difficult for a man to see a man who was loved by his wife. Your husband needs to exercise restraint and seek counseling or go to one of the most trusted and knowledgeable people in the world to seek his advice.

As for you, I advise you first and foremost to be patient with your husband and continue to be a 
good wife to him. Here are some of the things I 
think you should do:
1- Turn to Allah and do more istighfar (asking for forgiveness). It doesn’t mean you have to feel bad, no; instead, feel honored that Allah has guided you. Istighfar removes injuries, including those of relationships.

2- Compassion for your husband and seek excuses for him; this will make you stay kind and humble, or angry.
3- He should not hit you, and you need to seek help.
4- Always express your love and attention to your husband.
5- Continue to be kind to your family, and never break off contact with them, even though your husband has the right to visit you without his permission, assuring him that the visit will only take place in times when no one is there.
6- Never talk or talk about the man you loved before your marriage.
7- Make your prayers on time, get up every day before Fajr in the night prayer, and ask Allah to change your situation for the better.

8- Allah is the Owner of all things and has power over hearts; He is the One Who can change your husband’s heart. Therefore, turn to Allah alone and seek help from Him.
9- If Allah directs you to supplicate, that means it may be accepted, so never give up or give up.
10- Life is a struggle and full of temptations, so know that you are one and show Allah the goodness in your heart by thanking Him.

May Allah make it easy for you and guide your husband to be kind and compassionate.

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