Impressed by the serial ‘ertugrul ghazi’, the woman embraced Islam

A 60-year-old woman in Wisconsin inspired by Resurrecwoman becomes a Muslim after watching a Turkish series

A 60-year-old American woman has become a Muslim after being influenced by Resurrection: Ertugrul, a popular Turkish TV series.
A Wisconsin resident chose the name “Khadija” after her conversion to Islam and told Anadolu Agency that she came across the Resurrection: Ertugrul while browsing Netflix.

“I watched it, the details about it. So I started watching it,” said Khadija, adding that she had a passion for Islam after watching a few episodes.
“It was a history I knew nothing about,” he said of the series.
Impressed by 'Ertugrul Ghazi' serial, woman accepted Islam

Emphasizing that Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi’s conversations gave a new meaning to his life, he said his words made him think a lot and sometimes cry.

He watched all the episodes four times and started watching the fifth time.
The series had a major impact on his understanding of Islam, he said.
 “I love reading new history. It opened my eyes to what I knew … about religion and I tried to find out more,” he added.
He said his curiosity in history connected him with the series and after watching the series he encountered Islam.

Although he was a Catholic Baptist, all questions in his head were removed and he eventually became deeply interested in Islam, he said.
Seeing that he was reading the Islamic holy book of the Quran in English to learn more about Islam, he described the process after he decided to become a Muslim.
After searching for a Muslim church near his home, he found it and entered it, where he said his ministers were “shocked to see him”. “I became a Muslim that day,” he said.

Emphasizing that she had encountered an unexpected response from her friends when she claimed to be a Muslim, Khadija said they believed she was mentally disturbed.
“I no longer talk to people about it. I do not compromise their beliefs. They should have no reason to disturb me, ”he added.
Khadija, a mother of six, said that as time went on, her children saw Khadija watching Turkish shows when they stopped and her young son realized that he was still a Muslim.

“But these others have not asked. They are suspicious but they have not asked.
 Often described as the Turkish Throne Game, The Resurrection: Ertugrul tells the story before the founding of the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century Anatolia. It depicts the struggle of Ertugrul Gazi, the father of the first leader of the state.

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