BJP government misleading nation for political benefits – Kashmiri Pandit

Several Kashmiri Pandit leaders have dismissed allegations by Union Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah that a community migration from the Valley took place during Congress’s tenure, insisting it happened in 1990 when V.P was backed by the BJP. Singh’s government was in charge.

They accused Shah of defrauding Parliament of this and the issue of government assistance to the fleeing Pandit families, urging him not to seek credit through UPA programs.

Shah had said in Lok Sabha last week, during a debate on the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill 2021, that the Pandits should leave their place during Congress.
“We are not left alone in our time. There was a Congress law; they (the government) could not provide them (security) and they (Pandits) were deported to their country, ”said Shah.

Satish Mahaldar, chairman of Reconciliation, Return and Rehabilitation of Kashmir Migrants, said the Pandit migration took place during the V.P. The Singh National Front government, supported by the BJP.
“Unfortunately, the BJP did not have the courage to overthrow the then government with such a national disaster,” Mahaldar said in a statement.

BJP and Left had provided external assistance to V. Singh government, which was in power between December 2, 1989, and November 10, 1990. The Pandits emigration began in January 1990.
BJP pulled V.P. The Singh government is low after L. Advani was arrested in Bihar while leading rathyatra across the country searching for the Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya.

Responding to Shah’s claim that 44,000 Pandit families were receiving monthly aid of Rs 13,000, Mahaldar said aid agencies Jammu and Kashmir had placed the figure at 20,889 families.
Mahaldar said Shah sought credit through former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s plan, launched in 2008-09, which announced 15,000 jobs for migrant Pandits and housed 6,000 Pandit youth in the Valley government.

Agnishekhar, who leads the tough Panun Kashmir who previously supported the BJP, also said it was the UPA government that had given 6,000 Pandit youths jobs in the District and asked the BJP not to seek credit for it.
He also said the Pandits were “forced to leave” during the V.P regime backed by the BJP. Singh’s government. “The party (BJP) has not dared to withdraw support from his government,” he said in a video statement.

Agnishekhar said the true injustice in Shah’s speech was “shameful” and “opportunistic”, and said the BJP government was misleading the nation “for political gain”.
He said the Pandits had hoped the BJP would do something for the community. “We supported the withdrawal (of the important provision of Article 370) on August 5. But what effect did that have on the Pandits? We were arrested on August 4, ”he said.

“I want to warn the Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and Amit Shah that if this continues, we will dump your party on a global scale.”
Jagati Tenement Committee Soan Kashmir Front, a group representing thousands of displaced Pandits living in Jagti, Jammu, accuses the BJP of drawing “political milestone” in their misery.
Shadi Lal Pandita, its leader, called Shah’s claim to provide financial assistance to 44,000 immigrant families “a blatant lie”.

Mahaldar said the UPA government had built 5,242 two-room Pandits houses in Jammu and provided one-time assistance of Rs 5 lakh per family in addition to student bursaries, assistance to farmers and other programs.
“The Modi-led BJP government has been raising our plight at the international level to include Pakistan. In the country, (it raises) our plight to suppress the Opposition,” he said.
“But really, what have you done to society? We have not even been able to form a commission of inquiry or a team of investigators to investigate cases against KPs (Kashmiri Pandits). ”
The Pandits have asked Shah to explain when BJP will fulfill its promise to bring it back to the village.

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