Do you have an emotional issue that makes me cry?

She married a man chosen by her father. That Man is a driver and a drunkard too. Their health seems normal. she bore two children.

Then one day she received a call from an unknown number saying that her husband had had an accident with alcohol. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a hill. The man’s rib was broken and he also broke his clavicle.
He has been in bed for a year. Their children were 2 and 1 years old at this point.
After the man’s recovery, he went back to the same “Drink And Drive”.

The children are now 8 and 9 years old. They can understand small things. They understand what is happening around them. Their father used to drink for 2 or 3 days directly and when his wife said or tried to stop him, he started beating and abusing her.
This went on every day. This was their way of life seeing their mother being beaten every day by her father.

Question: why should he bear all this. are you wrong But he did not leave her because he did not want their children’s future to be destroyed. He just wanted to give them life. He was illiterate and did not come from a rich family where his father could help him.
he was once severely beaten and his arm almost broke. He is beaten with a stick, with stones or anything that the man can find next to him.

Many times, her husband would send her away. In winter, he stays up all night in the cold but this time, his son is in charge because he is now able to understand the feelings.
It became their way of life. Now Dad is beating up his kids. He once pressed his daughter against the wall so hard that her forehead began to bleed.

There comes a time when he just doesn’t work, all he does is drink and sleep. There is a factory nearby so she and her children use it to pack things and lock them up. They got one rupee for one packet and a seal. But they wanted to survive so it was okay for them.
Then one day the daughter got an idea from her neighbor if they made envelopes using an old newspaper, they would get one rupee for 10 envelopes. He was very happy. He started doing it using aate ki leti and earns 10 rupees on the very first day.

But unfortunately, one day her father found out about it. He burned all his envelopes and the extra income in that packing was also stopped. In this case, the mother was also beaten like an animal, her arm and face badly injured. People were always looking at it in their house as if it were interesting to see them.
Women tend to tolerate everything and have never once complained to their parents.
I will leave it incomplete… ..

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