FIR Filed After AAP MLA’s Complaint Against Hardline for ‘Blasphemous’ Speech

FIR was fulfilled after the AAP MPLA’s complaint against Hardline Dasna’s speech with ‘insulting’ remarks In her complaint, Amanatullah Khan said he “has great respect for this beloved prophet and, therefore, cannot tolerate abusive remarks about him”.

Amanatullah Khan. Photo: PTIAmanatullah Khan. Photo: PTINew Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party MLA and Delhi Waqf Board chairman Amanatullah Khan on Saturday filed a police complaint against the high priest of the Dasna Devi Temple, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, at the Jamia Nagar police station.

Later in the day, police set up a VEHICLE aimed at Saraswati under Section 153A (which promotes hostility between different groups) and 295A (deliberate and dangerous acts, intended to provoke religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code. The move comes after a video of Saraswati Speaking at the Club Club of India, in which he was seen harassing Prophet Muhammad, spread on Friday. Many social media users had also called for Delhi police to take action against Saraswati with hate speech

“There is an infected video clip about the blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is being circulated on social media. It was received and seen by those who signed here in his house and from the residence where the power of your police station resides,” Khan said in the complaint. He believes in Islamic teaching, prays regularly, looks fast and follows the five pillars of Islam. One of the basic pillars of Islam is the “La Ilaha Illahllah Mohammad-Ur Rasool Allah” which the complainant adheres to. ”

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