• Is Covishield safe How was your experience being vaccinated by Covishield

Is Covishield safe? How was your experience being vaccinated by Covishield?

Got my first dose of Covishield, two weeks back.
When I entered the hospital, I was given the both choices, I chose this.

My experience was not a very happy one. I had fever along with myalgia for three days. Thought I shouldn’t have been vaccinated. Totally bed ridden. Also there vaccinated area was firm and tender, couldn’t make movements in that arm, it was relieved in a week’s time.

When I spoke to my sister who is doctor, said it’s normal getting a fever after vaccination. I too knew this, but scared on hearing different cross reactions happening around. Especially the age group 20–25, have highly immune response, so we experience fever and body pain. Whereas in the elderly, they experience only myalgia.

However, after vaccination, I am bit confident that we are less prone to corona. I travel from home to college and back daily, because either my family or friends get from me. Feeling of Security.

The vaccination didn’t ache, it was a pleasant one. Safety protocol were seriously followed. I was made to sit for 20 min for observation and was sent home.

I didn’t get any side effects, it’s totally safe ! You can go for it!
Get vaccinated. End Corona

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