What needs to be said today? Ladies, please be careful. 

Woman taken by 5 men, who according to a hospital and police report was raped by a gang before being dumped at a bus station!

Although she could not recall the events of the previous night, tests revealed that she had been raped repeatedly.

There was a trace of Rohypnol in his blood. Rohypnol, currently used as a rape drug.

It is actually a small pill now used by rapists to use their goal at parties.

The drug makes the sense of what was intended (potential victim) empty so that he does not remember anything that happened and is worse.
The drug is controlled by throwing it into the target drink.

The girl would not remember anything the next morning, nothing had happened the night before would she remember.

Rohypnol, which dissolves quickly and easily in liquids, leaves no taste and no color changes making it difficult to detect. please be careful when you go out, especially at a party,

do not leave your drink unattended. (Buy your drinks, secure bottles or cans found are not opened or closed;

you can be helped with someone else’s drink).
For boys – Please inform all your family members, relatives and friends.

Remember that you also have a sister or you may one day have a daughter. Important news is for transmission, please do not save or ignore it.
Please share posts to protect and save lives.

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