Mumbai police share maternal and facial features Can you guess?

Mumbai police have taken to Instagram urging residents to wear masks amid growing Covid-19 crimes in the country. In their new post, they compared masks with mom.

The spike in Covid-19 cases across India is a major cause for concern right now. National governments have been pushing for more weekend deadlines and strict procedures to curb the novel coronavirus. Taking precautionary measures is necessary, now more than ever.

In a new Instagram post, Mumbai Police have emphasized the importance of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Now the virus is gone.

Mumbai shared a photo on Instagram where they used the Hindi word ‘maa’ and the letters S and K to spell the word face. The art reads as ‘Mask protects’. They wrote this post, “What do mothers and masks look like? (sic). ”

With their clever submission, the Mumbai Police once again made a point. It is very important to wear a face mask if we want to stop the spread of coronavirus.
All mothers have a great interest in their children at heart and can do everything to protect themselves from problems. Similarly, in this epidemic, face masks can help protect against infection.

The viral image has over 10,000 likes. Users approved the message presented by Mumbai police and commended them for their new posts
India on Tuesday registered 2,59,170 new Covid-19 cases, and 1,761 deaths, according to the Department of Health. Wear a mask, and stay safe!

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