What is AP chief ministers whatsapp number?

Go to our Chief Minister office and meet him at Hyderabad and explain the urgency of 2 lakes and request him from his CM Fund.

Our CM certainly will help you because he is philanthropist and he gave 100s of crores to temples and as a devotee, similar to our Telangana Governer, he piad visits to all temples in surrounding states and offered gold made arnaments to deities as he promised to God. He is having God with him. You go and ask God as CM gives you 2 lakhs with out agitation.

Alternatively, you can write through WhatsApp giving your account number to PM and ask him his help as you badly needed. He rounded the world countries and he knew what is what and what is your needs are.

You are not believing me! What do you say ?. They are all selfish and it is a game of duality?. Then what are you going to do ?. There is one swrupananda swamy who conducts homam to win in elections by CM contestant with out caring voters mandates. He him self is a king maker for Telengana and AP . He lives in “saradha peetam”, Vishakapatnam. You approach him he will provide money to you.

He recently blessed Two CMs . Can’t you worth of two lakhs for donation to you. I don’t know what replay I have to provide you. You might be innocent or very smart to get ideas from us.
Thanks to our readers for overwhelming support and response.

Many people ask what is the Chief Minister’s WhatsApp number. Can’t understand how difficult it will be to give WhatsApp number
AP CM Helpline Numbers
  • Sri Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy (Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh)
  • Phone No: 0863 – 2441521
  • Email ID: cm@ap.gov.in
  • Address: Building #1, First Floor, A.P. Secretariat, Velagapudi, Andhra Pradesh

Sri P.Krishna Mohan Reddy (Officer on Special Duty to C.M)
  • Phone: 0863-2446608
  • Email: osd-cmap@ap.gov.in
  • Address: 1st Block, 1st Floor, Interim Government Complex, A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi.

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