What dirty things did Kangana Ranaut do that are unknown to people?

Here are the dark secrets of Kangana Ranaut. Bed Bed Victim. Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman. Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi. Illegal dating with Ajay Devgn. Nicholas Lafferty and Kangana. Kangana opens with a #MeToo incident.

Is it his fault that he came from a small village? Is it his fault that he did not attend the famous English public school? Kangana answered all these questions by winning accolades from the public for her excellent role in major films such as ‘Queen’ ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Kangana has proved to the world that he can be a star by making his films click on the box.

Many debates were going on when Hrithik and Kangana fought. Kangana said he had been keeping his sex for a long time and no longer cared about Hrithik Roshan.

In his explosive talk show on my show Aap Ki Adalat (broadcast on Saturday at 10pm), film actor Kangana Ranaut hit Bollywood biggies in a way that is often imitated by movie stars. You will be surprised to learn that Kangana spoke for about 40 minutes about Hrithik Roshan and revealed several details, which are still unknown. 

To be honest, if Hrithik wishes to answer Kangana’s questions, he should also appear in Aap Ki Adalat to set the record straight. If he thinks he is innocent, he should come forward and answer Kangana’s charges. This is what honesty is all about.

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