Who is Shabnam? Why is she trending?

Shabnam Ali will be the first Indian woman to be hanged to death. So far no woman has been hanged to death in private India.

What did Shabnam do?
Shabnam is a double MA student in English and Geography. She was in love with Salim, a student who dropped out of class 6. Shabnam saw that her family was an obstacle to her love affair, so she made a plan with her boyfriend Salim.

She melted the milk jugs and gave them to her family. With the help of her boyfriend Salim, she killed her father Shukat, mother Hashmi, brothers Anees and Rashid, sister-in-law Annum and Rabia with an ax. He also killed his nephew Arsh by strangling him.
Shabnam at left and Salim at Right.
Shabnam at left and Salim at Right.

In short, the couple killed seven family members, including a child.

The lower court sentenced Shabnam and Salim to death. However, he knocked on the high court. The high court upheld the lower court’s decision. He also sent a request for a favor from the President, but the request was denied.

The date of the murder has not yet been determined, but prison officials have begun preparations for the execution.

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