Airport employees share details of their jobs

It is no secret that air travel is a stressful process. People are thought to have stepped in before, during and after at the airport. Airport staff get frustrated, which often leads to some interesting stories.

They will see you when you are asleep
As you can imagine, life as a flight attendant can be a little monotonous. That is why they adopt creative methods for entertainment. One of these methods is to look at all the different and generally strange ways in which passengers on a plane fall asleep. We can imagine how much fun it can be!

Great deal
When airlines deliberately overbook their flights, you will be a little disappointed if not at the time you check-in at the gate. However, you can be compensated with vouchers that can exceed the value of your flight and if you do not mind waiting for the next flight, you can do great on your trip.

Do not disturb your flight attendant
Some passengers believe that they will arrive quickly if they press the button to call the flight attendant more than once. However, one cabin crew member admitted that most people push the button, slowly making it reach them. Do not bother your flight attendants!

No free updates
In the early days of commercial flights, it was not heard of in some cases, such as getting to know the honeymoon or crew, or for reasons that the airline needed to upgrade. These days the only way to get a free upgrade is if you are a reliable frequent flyer.

Stick to the corridor
If you have a cold during a flight, flight attendants recommend that you sit in the aisle seat. These are the hottest seats on the plane as the window seats become very cold. Additionally, corridor seats mean you can get up whenever you want without having to wake anyone in your row.

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