Andrea Meza of Mexico Crown Miss Universe 2021

Andrea Meza, 26, finished first before the finals in Brazil and Peruvia in the 69th round of the Miss Universe, Hollywood, Florida.

Washington: Miss Mexico was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday in Florida, after her fellow contestant Miss Myanmar used her time on stage to draw attention to the bloody revolution in her country.
Sunday night marked the return of the Miss Universe pageant on television, after the pageant was canceled in 2020 for the first time due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Andrea Meza, 26, finished first before the Brazilian and Peruvian finals at a glittering television show, hosted by American actress Mario Lopez and television actress Olivia Culpo.

Former Miss Universe contestants Cheslie Kryst, Paulina Vega and Demi-Leigh Tebow (who won the title in 2017) served as contestants and commentators, and a team of eight women decided who would win.

Dressed in a bright red nightgown, Meza burst into tears and cried like Miss Universe for the first time, before returning to kiss the team and other contestants.

Andrea Meza of Mexico Crown Miss Universe 2021

Meza beat more than 70 contestants from around the world in the 69th Miss Universe pageant, held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

In the days leading up to the final pageant, Miss Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin, who came out on top in the 21st, made waves as she used her time in the light to bring revolution to her country.
“Our people are dying and being shot by soldiers every day,” he said while watching his video, which showed pictures of him taking part in anti-revolutionary protests. “So I would like to urge everyone to talk about Myanmar.”

She also won a national costume award: during that stage of the competition on Thursday, she wore a beaded dress in traditional Burmese patterns and raised the sign, “Pray for Myanmar.”
Myanmar has been violent since February 1, when troops ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
At least 796 people have been killed by security forces since then, according to a local watchdog, while about 4,000 people are in custody.

Miss Singapore Bernadette Belle Ong – who did not make it to the top 21 – also used part of the national costume to make a political statement.
Dressed in a bright red cover and boots that match the thighs, he turned and showed off his cap – in the colors of the Singapore flag – painted with the words “Stop Asian Hate.”
“What is this section for if I can’t use it to send a strong anti-apartheid message?” She posted on Instagram next to photos of her dress.

The United States in particular has seen an increase in violence against Asians in the past year, activists blaming former president Donald Trump’s rhetoric, especially his repeated definition of Covid-19 as a “Chinese virus.”

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