Beautiful Brazil and its location is a must see

Brazil is the largest country in South America, there is so much to see and do, it may not be enough to explore. That’s why we decided to break up somewhat and there were only things and things to see. From jungle to city life, this country is a symbol of a tropical destination, with hidden waterfalls, trails and beautiful beaches. The beauty of Brazil lies in so many peoples and cultures that it is not just about embracing and embracing the country. People are full of life and have an incredible story to tell, but nature and scenery tell their own story, a place you have to travel to many times after a small peak and most likely. There are a few attractions to see here, but they don’t start to cover the country.

Rio de Janeiro
Home to famous beaches: Ipanema and Copacabana- Rio combine two types of life. When you soak up the sun, surf and local food, you too will be immersed in the culture and diversity of shovels. Chickens point to Brazil’s poverty stricken side but indicate a sense of unity. Rio is famous for its luxury vibes, food and fruit markets, but also little samba.

Brazil owns 60% of the Amazon rainforest and is full of adventure. The Amazon is home to carnivores of all shapes and sizes, anaconda being a beginner- piranhas, poison frogs and pink dolphins are just the beginning. Bird life is incredible, but the most sought after adventure in the wild.

Iguazu Falls
Known as the largest waterfall system in the world, it is made up of 275 small springs bordering Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. This waterfall is surrounded by breathtaking nature and is a sight you must see.

The Parody Bus is amazing with its cobblestone routes and Portuguese culture, embracing and engaging it. Evidence can be seen that gold was exported up to 1600, the roads had no site and its beaches were clean and tidy. The Rainforest bus is outside and easily accessible. The city is old and strange, but beautiful.

Sao Paulo
The largest city in Brazil, some people like to miss it often because of the noise and its intensity. However, Sao Paulo offers some of the best nightlife in Brazil, a city that never stops and no one else. Filled with some of Brazil’s best food and cultural diversity.

The recipe is often referred to as the Venetian of Brazil. The city is bustling with a bustling cultural climate and tons of history, however, it has many rivers and small islands. There are also 50 bridges in the city. The best beach is actually outside the recife called Porto de Galinhaus. The center is an enchanting city full of Olinda history and conquered travelers.

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