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This article is for those who want to know about German Shepherd price in India.
The German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian, is the second most popular dog breed in India after the Labrador.
Everyone knows about this breed, even those who are not dog lovers know the name.
It is an excellent guard dog and is known for alerting its people to strangers.
As the name suggests, the German Shepherd is German and they are highly trained and obedient dogs. They are used for a variety of purposes such as disability assistance, search and rescue.
Keep reading this article to know more about this breed and so you can decide if you want to get this dog or not.
German Shepherd Price in India (2021)
The German Shepherd is the most expensive breed in India and can cost you over 25,000 and can go up to 80,000 depending on some factors.
German Shepherd price can vary everywhere.
For example, the price of a German Shepherd in Delhi may be different from the price in Bangalore.
The price of dogs in India also varies on many other factors.
German Shepherd Price in Various Cities in India (2021)
Cities Price
Delhi 10,000-80,000
Bangalore 20,000-75,000
Mumbai 25,000-60,000
Hyderabad 20,000-70,000
Chennai 20,000-55,000
Pune 19,000-50,000
Lucknow 18,000-50,000
Bhopal 22,000-55,000
Patna 21,000-50,000
Factors Affecting German Shepherd Price
Location: Where you get the puppy is one of the major factors influencing the price of the puppy. If you take the puppy from a metro city like Delhi or Bangalore, the price may be higher than non-metro cities.
Breeder: The type of breeder you buy will also significantly affect the price. It costs more for good and well-known breeders.
Race quality: This is the most important factor in determining the price of a breed. Healthy puppy, expensive.
Purity of breed: Purity of breed indicates that the breed is pure German Shepherd or another breed. The cost may vary individually.
Show Dog: Show dogs refers to dogs raised for dog shows. These dogs are usually expensive every time.

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