Dangerous scandal with girls for having sex, being premature ahead of time

In today’s advertising era girls can go anywhere to look beautiful and attractive. Everyone wants you to look the most beautiful and sexy. But for some people, as the child grows older, he gets ahead of it. So let’s know what this type is.

People try everything possible to look young and beautiful and attractive. In today’s era of inflation, even if a person does not get two times a day, he needs whipped cream and products to look beautiful. In today’s ad era, advertisements of Fay Aranes Krim are constantly being watched on TV.

Probably because of this advertisement, all the people in our country are eager to buy inferior and useless products. Science has advanced so much today that people can now hide their age and look beautiful. Even the big celebrities of Bollywood change their entire look by getting expensive surgeries like injections and botox.
In the mood to look beautiful, people do anything without thinking. You will also be surprised to know that today we have brought such a news for you.

Today we are going to tell you about a state in India where people are crossing all limits to make girls beautiful and sexy. So let’s find out what this type is.
Today, girls do not use injections of drugs to look beautiful and young. To get rid of drug addicts, girls are first shown the greed for beauty and sexuality. And when she is caught, they are given free injections of drugs for three to four days.

Their goal is to rid innocent girls of addiction. Those people know that after taking drugs for three to four days in a row, girls realize this and they buy them quickly. That is why they are making girls their customers for drugs.
For your information, please tell that this fall has happened in the Red La Et area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. Where girls are being forced to look beautiful and young by giving them drugs. In such a situation, drunk girls have become the subject of those sports.

When the police came to know about the incident, many innocent girls were found in the hands. Who were completely intoxicated. All these girls were being given such dangerous medicine.
In addition, we would like to tell you that if a person takes too many drugs, he or she may go crazy or develop some type of physical disorder. In such a situation, doctors say that if a person starts giving drugs to a 15-year-old girl.

When she reaches the age of 22 to 23, her bones become weak and she suffers from arthritis. The girl becomes a patient for a lifetime and is not affected by any other medicine. This is very scary and bad. So it is very important that we be careful.

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