How Earn Money Referral Program Can Help You Improve Your Health.

At its core, demonetization is about attracting audiences and sharing with the best in the market. Propeller ads are nothing new to this concept as our referral program has been active for some time. However, we always want to create a better experience for all our partners, especially our publishers and their partners.

The Propeller Ads Referral Program gives publishers the opportunity to earn extra money. Whether you are already one of our renowned publishers or you are about to apply to our network, the update we offer will make you laugh.
Let’s take a look at the changes we are making in our referral program.
Publisher Referral Program: How it works and how much you can earn
Once approved by the publishers, they will be immediately assigned a referral link, which will be available on the dashboard. If the new publisher signs the propeller ads using this link, the publisher will receive a 5% commission on future earnings.

Our referral program works on lifetime commissions. Ultimately, every publisher has the opportunity to increase their platform and increase revenue, so it is appropriate to reward those who refer new members based on their success.
Always wear your audience shoes and highlight the benefits of working with propellers and the ones you personally enjoy the most.
Additionally, you will need:
Add your referral link to all relevant sections of your site
Write a review about propeller ads and place links in various parts of the article
Place a link on one of your site banners
Share your referral link on social media
Search for forums, online communities, discussion forums, blog comments and similar platforms that are a great source of quality referrals
3 tips to attract more referrals
When attracting referrals you need to assess your situation and decide the best way to engage fellow publishers.

You should already have connections for the years you have worked in the industry. However, you need to make sure that the publishers you are trying to hire are not already registered with Propeller Ads.
Propeller Reeds – Multitag-Demonitization
Propeller Upgraded Diploid: Introducing Multitags for Publishers
# Focus on relevant publishers
Signing up for new publishers does not mean that you will get a kickback from their revenue. You need to find publishers who are active and on top of their platform money making efforts. This increases the chances of getting substantial commissions from engaged publishers.
# 2 is constantly spreading awareness
Creating a review of propeller ads is a great start, but you also need to play the role of an industry leader and raise awareness about the importance of working with the best networks.
In addition to being more credible, readers will regularly get a review of your propeller ads and increase their chances of signing up.

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