How is it possible that China recovered so fast from covid while most of the Western world is still suffering?

China, Australia and New Zealand all did basically the same thing:
Locked their borders.
Checked people as they arrived.
Did some tracking to stop more outbreaks.
All three countries still have:
Limited travel.
Regulations in place to prevent a massive local outbreak.

Policies in place to restrict movement and make any new outbreaks smaller.
Minor small outbreaks when protocols break down.
Since February last year China still requires:
People on public transport must wear masks. This requirement has NEVER changed in over 14 months.

Restrictions on schools and at hospitals (different in different regions)
Limited travel for families is only now starting to be eased because of the vaccine.
If you keep wondering about China … forget about it. Look at Australia and New Zealand instead. They are part of the “western world” and see if you would be willing to pay the price they did.

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