How Lamborghini Huracans Fight Italian Crimes

Fighting crime has always been considered a dangerous sport. We have seen more and more young people playing crime games. The absolute power of action, coupled with the adrenaline rush of constant danger, is magnetic like youth. Fascinated by all the glory and prestige of the police department, boys and girls adore the power of crime. Adding more to the charisma of this area is the new merger of a very new and chic member.

Luxury vehicle to fight crime
The new addition brought by the Italian Police Force is another reason for young people to pursue this admirable profession. The new introduction to the Italian police is crucial to the newest Lamborghini Hurricane. The hooliganism and crime combat vehicle was received by the Italian police force on March 30.

A tweet posted by the Italian state police on March 30 contained a photo revealing the new wheels of the police. The title of the photo is in the Italian ‘Interior Minister Minute # unveiling the new Hurricane Lamborghini given to the staff of Polygiastradale’

The strength of the Italian State Police Department is that there is no such expensive foreign work. Police received a similar reward in 2015 when Hurricane received a similar Lamborghini reward for keeping a watchful eye on police speed and hooliganism. When every second counts in the investigation and tracking of evil and error, the novelist of the Italian police is never disappointed.
This addition is even more ideal, as it includes on-board computers and tablets. These technical additions are important when GPS tracking and police communications are needed. In addition to technological advancements, vehicles also have holders of essential equipment such as defibrillators. Apart from this, they also have fire extinguishers and gun holsters. The finished equipment is a hallmark of the success of the Italian Police Department, and is provided by the Lamborghini Hurricane.

The exceptional crime combat vehicle also has a customized cooling system that can be molded into the luggage compartment. The car still needs to cool under the hood at the rear. A cooling system was installed in the vehicle to transport blood to the scene of the accident. In addition, organ supply for organ transplantation has helped to reduce the risk of accidents.

Despite the extraordinary changes, the crime fighting vehicle accelerates its 610-horsepower V10 engine to 0–100 km / h in just 3 seconds. The Heartthrobe Italian police car looks stunning in blue and white. The car can chase speed limit violators on the streets of Bologna primarily for medical supplies. No intruder will run away from such an amazing drive!

Along with another tweet from the state police department, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicelli also released a statement praising the ‘use of the vehicle to save lives’. Is proud to be honored as one of Italy’s most trusted vehicles. The Hurricanes pair are the successors of the influential Gallardos in department service since 2009. Gallardo has rescued his twins from the horrific fate of being taken to the Police Auto Museum in Rome now.

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