ISRAEL VS PALESTINE- settler issues conflicts 

 when was bible first translated into Arabic from ancient Hebrew for an Arab to copy it? it was in 1611 King James century after the life of our prophet. if you hear the same story from your father & grandfather then great-grandfather was the original source; Allah can repeat his words given to Moses & Muhammad without somebody copying from another.

Israel were mere settlers in Palestine, it’s map non existent before 1948 only in biblical fairytale. Hitler in Germany should’ve finished his job not letting few persecuted jew invade another land with backup from Caucasians after Belfort declaration. 

why Israel is very much concerned about Iran nuclear weapons strategy when itself has nuclear without being sanctioned as it was done to Iran? remove America from the scene Arabs become invincible; they wouldn’t rest to see Arabs acquiring nuclear weapons as they do, else 3rd world war would be eminent .

without American backups Israel would’ve been a history dealt with either Egypt, Iraq or current Iran challenge of nuclear threat: Hamas should be patient; it’s a national war & Americans recognize only Israel as a nation with Jerusalem as capital not Hamas so no united nation backing for the Arabs to sanction Israel & stop its land invasion they run away from during the time of Moses

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