Palestinian refugees in Lebanon celebrate Hamas victory over Israel

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon held a celebration on Sunday to celebrate the victory of the Hamas opposition group that won the Gaza Strip during the Israeli occupation.

At a ceremony organized by Hamas in Ain al-Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp, with the slogan “Palestine opposes and wins,” people carried Hamas flags and banners in support of opposition forces.

Speaking to Palestinian people in Ain al-Hilweh on live broadcasts during the celebrations, Hamas political analyst Ismail Haniyeh said Operation al-Quds Sword enabled the party to make progress as determined by the rules of engagement.

“This is a new figure that they did not pay attention to in the laws of collision with the invaders. They believe that they can separate the world from the people as they wish,” he said.
“The work has challenged this belief and made the whole of Palestine a center for the archers and fire of change.”

Palestinian opposition groups in the Gaza Strip announced the launch of Operation al-Quds Sword in early May as tensions continue to grow in Israel.
An Egyptian treaty valid in early May 21 ended an 11-day bombing of Israel on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli attacks on Gaza and the West Bank killed at least 289 people, including women and children, and left a trail of destruction. Health facilities and media offices as well as schools were among the target groups.

The head of the UN Human Rights Council said Israeli aircraft in Gaza were likely to commit military crimes.

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