Ramdev’s Dairy Exec Dies Of Covid, Patanjali Says He Got Allopathy Care

The company said on Monday that Sunil Bansal, who led the Patanjali Ayurvedic yoga business of yoga guru Ramdev, had died with Kovid-19, adding that “he had no role in his allopathic treatment”.

Bansal, 57, a former vice-president of the dairy division of Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, died on May 19.
When the company announced plans to sell dairy milk and other dairy-based products, including yogurt, buttermilk and cheese, Mr. Bansal, a dairy science expert, joined the dairy milk business in January 2018.

The Haridwar-based company said in a statement, “He died of COVID-19 at the Rajasthan Hospital in Jaipur on May 19, where his wife was a senior health officer of the Rajasthan government.”
Ramdev’s death comes at a time when controversy is rife over his comments about allopathic medicines and COVID-19.

The statement also shows the same.
“Patanjali had no role in his allopathic treatment, mostly coordinated by his wife,” it said. “Although we were worried and asked his wife about his health.”
On Sunday, Ramdev had to withdraw an ad in a viral video clip in which he said that “millions of people have died from taking allopathic medicines for Kovid-19”.

He may also question some of the medications used to treat the disease.
The statement was strongly opposed by the Medical Association, which later asked Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to withdraw his “most unfortunate” statement.

“It is very unfortunate to lose a young powerful colleague who was the task master,” Patanjali Bansal said in a statement on the death.

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