Sex star Love Island : ‘DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEX’

Sex star Love Island star Yewande Biala says when she was growing up her mother was ‘as open as possible’ about sex

A love interest in Island Island, Yewande Biala, has told us that her mother “had been as open as possible” about sex when she was growing up.

And the scientist told how her class was given ice cream by their “uncomfortable” teacher after sitting on a sex education lecture at school.

The 25-year-old says she thinks sexual openness should always be the norm, in an interview with other Love Island stars Olivia Bowen and Megan Barton-Hanson on the MTV series That’s What She Says.

Yewande explained that when he was growing up his mother was sexually open.
He said: “I feel that sexual growth has always been talked about.
“My mother was as open as possible and she was like, ‘No I want you to have sex but when you’re free’.

“I think women have been told not to talk about sex, but they should also pursue goals such as fertility and love purity as always as saints and saints.”

He continued: “So, sometimes sex is associated with simplicity and bullying and for a long time we never talked about it.

“I feel like lately there have been some sexual influences and we need some of those things to make sex more normal because it’s normal.”

Yewande told of getting a sex education talk at a primary school, which left their teacher “uncomfortable”.

The real star said: “Primary school was the most painful and you got ice cream after that, I got ice cream after sitting on it. That was weird.

“I think my teacher was very nervous, you could see she felt uncomfortable talking about sex as a bigger reward to her than us was like, ‘Okay everyone gets ice cream’.”

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