Thanks to her vlogs, make-up and clothing hauls, this 26 year old has 2.18 million subscribers on YouTube.

This photo was taken in 2016. A few months after, she sought out medical help with her doctor and was taken into a rehab facility.
She has recently relapsed.
From hate comments, personal threats and petitions to permanently ban her from YouTube, this girl has experienced countless amounts of hate.

In this video, a girl on Instagram tells her “You’d be prettier if you weren’t dying.”
When you are encouraging someone with anorexia to eat, insulting and degrading them is guaranteed to fail, and will likely worsen the issue. A person with an eating disorder already has quite the low self-esteem.

But what she said affects Eugenia in a far more negative way because it comes from a place of cruelty. It’s clear that this girl didn’t want to help, she wanted to hurt.
This goes to show how people believe they have a right to dehumanize her so much. People think they are obligated to verbally degrade her for not acknowledging it, which they think will somehow bully her into the right direction?

This is not the right way. Eugenia needs real, professional help and guidance, not hatred.
She is the sweetest girl with a heart of gold. Few people have such humility after being disrespected like that.

We need to show love and support, in hopes of encouraging her to seek medical attention.
She does not deserve this.

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