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Plus size fashion is attracting more and more attention, for which we can only be grateful. For a long time, women with body types who did not follow the rules of fashion were considered second class citizens, and I think it’s a fascinating thing, now we see beauty with that figure can change even more when you stand up.

With the growth of the plus size model, there is also a new representation of the plus size model from all races. Take a look at these brave women and their amazing fashion sense!

This beautiful woman is of Samoan descent (yes, like The Rock). The main focus of this model is to raise awareness that race is more than just white, black or foreign. Priscilla wants to be a role model for all Samoan or Polynesian girls so that they can see or recognize people of their race.
This Singapore-Indian fashionista has a unique style that forces you to take care and adapt yourself to parts of her style. She is not afraid to wear attractive prints on clothes, as well as should not be. She looks like such a bright personality!

This British plus-size model has Indian origins, which is evident in its form. You can see all her amazing photos on her Instagram page and it really shows that she is a very fashionable woman. And when she doesn’t inspire people with her outfit, she inspires you with her beautiful travel destinations.

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