11 Clarification On Victoria’s Secret Tips For Looking Ultra Sexy

There is no doubt about it: Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel will change your life completely, but after unveiling 10 new VS models earlier this year, we still have a big concern: will their list size ever be plus-forward? Model?

Two of the New Class Angels, Elsa Hosk and Jack Jagsiac, recently admitted that they were completely hooked on the idea. “I think the whole world is more open to plus-size [models] and I’m sure they will be ready for it at some point,” Jack told the Daily Mail. “We don’t know,” Elsa said. “I hope so.” Us, ladies! So, we decided to mix the list of models we think would be a perfect addition to the Victoria’s Secret Angel staff – and hope to leave out the “plus-size” details in the process. Models are just models, after all.

We begin with a very clear choice: Ashley Graham. Not only was she the first plus-size model to appear in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue ad, she designed her own lingerie collection and covered major fashion magazines, but she already starred in the Victoria’s Secret ad “Too Sexy for 2010”. Super Bowl broadcast. She has no harsh feelings, though — she is still very open to the idea of becoming an angel. She once said to Miss Vogue, “If those people are listening, call me!”

After being fired from her modeling agency for being “too big” in size 10, she launched The Curve Project London, where she runs workshops to help women in the fashion industry. Plus, she’s beautiful AF.

Jenny Rank made headlines when she appeared in a major H&M swimwear ad for Size 12 and she has already run at several fashion shows. In general, she lowered her bikini and runway talk pot. (Are you listening, VS?)
Denial / Humility: Gabby is our friend IRL, and although she is not a straight model, it only made “Fatkini” one thing. Now, she has a line with SwimsuitsForreal and with 239K followers, she has a bigger fan base on Instagram than some major models. Get it.

This Wilhelmina model is the girl of the moment. Petra Collins called her a major influencer in the New York Times, and people flocked to her Instagram to see what she wore on a daily basis. I mean, he also has his own online shop. Plus, the face that deserves a place in the adorable Angel lineup, you think?
Tess is probably the most talked about plus-size model of the year, and at size 22, she posed for the cover of People Magazine and Vanity Fair Italy. We love to see her rockin rhinestone bustier and wings on the runway, so let’s do it, folks.

Nadia is an equal parts model and fashion blogger, and after examining her Instagram, you will understand why she has such a cult following. Her street style is stunning, her modeling chops are unrealistic, and she is hellishly funny.
Tara is a super season model, she has also appeared on major mag covers, open runway shows and some of your favorite fashion shopping sites. (See: Forever 21.) She’s got the perfect combination of BB doll face and effortless beauty, we (and, not everyone) can get enough of.

If there’s one thing that Denise is good at, it’s looking killers in the bathing suit. (Seriously, take a look at her Instagram and tell us you disagree.) There was also a model who campaigned for her completely untouched swimsuit, where she gave the slogan “Beach Body. Sorry”. Ass.
Technically her Robin తప్పn cannot be left out of the list of the first plus-size model pictured in SI’s swimsuit issue, which is TBH, crazy enough because her credit-i-BLE. Looks like.

Marquita starred in the campaign for Louis & Evans, Vogue Italy was able to land on the cover and ran for Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris, so this girl knew one or two things about modeling. Oh, and she is the co-founder of ALDA, “a positive body image group that encourages women to embrace their curves and be proud of their appearance regardless of their size.” * Polite nod *

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