Many would say that French women have a “j ne size quo” … “irresistible.” I do not know if I can measure this reputation, but today, I’m going to share with you some ideas that will help unravel the secrets of a French woman’s sex appeal.

Since I am both French and American, my observations are mostly between women from these two countries.
Of course, these are simple points: not every French woman follows these guidelines. Some French women look very natural, never wear makeup and do not care about their clothes. Other French women goosebumps, other French women dress in GAP …

So, there are all kinds of French women, however, I believe that there is a clear French female style that is recognizable throughout France and through generations, the same I am going to explain in this article.
By any opinion, especially on a controversial topic like “beauty”, I know my article may be unfairly misleading to some: I’m sorry if that happened because I do not believe so. What I am writing is unpleasant.

This article is based on my actual observations and ideas trying to explain this unique French lady style.
There is a huge cosmetics industry in France, and there is a cream for everything: anti-wrinkle cream, anti-cellulite cream… and cream ch chocolate when in blue!
In general, French women take great care of their skin and apply moisturizers to their face and neck in the morning and at night.

This routine usually begins in the early teens, at the age of 12 or 13 years.
Every French woman has a mineral water spray in her bathroom: it helps to moisturize your skin. I don’t know if it really works, but a self-respecting French woman wouldn’t do without it.

6 -Makeup, perfume, lingerie and French women
French women wear a little maquilage every day. I am emphasizing the small part. Makeup is meant to enhance natural beauty, only to hide blemishes and blemishes, unlike the beautiful Leticia Costa in the photo above.

Discreet foundation, mascara, touch of eyeliner, a little blush and gloss or Rose Laver, and you’re done. There is definitely a difference between makeup to go to the club and daily makeup to go to work.
For me, this is the big difference between a French woman and my American girlfriend. I have a lot of friends, it’s not makeup or a complete Cleopatra look. No middle switch. In “relaxed” mode or on vacation, they do not wear makeup … because they can.

French women customize their look for the occasion, but usually try light makeup before going out – even grocery shopping. Feeling “good” for women is considered a form of honor in France. We go light on makeup and wear a lot only on special occasions like evening dress party.
Every French woman I know wears perfume or eau de toilette. Often, we only have what is loyal to us (my name is called Flor de Rockail by Caron), but some women prefer to switch.

We also wear beautiful lingerie. All the time. Most brands offer lingerie that is comfortable and shiny and if we have the sexiest lingerie to surprise our loved one at night, we will mostly wear the coolest lingerie కోసం for us. Like perfume or makeup, beautiful lingerie makes us feel good and sexy. Even ifno one sees your underwear, they can see when you are sexy.
Good luck if you have big breasts … Obviously French women are small with belly, and finding bras over 38c in regular stores is a real challenge. Thankfully, there are “Une Boutique de lingerie” specialty stores that can meet all sizes. But it is expensive. More about French lingerie terminology here.

5 – French women and hairstyles
Here, I have to admit that French women are not on top when it comes to hairstyles. French women keep their hair natural and this is not always their best feature. I saw a lot of “bed hair” in Paris.
The big difference with America is curly hair: French women pull out their natural curls, not necessarily straight ing ing.
However, we dried them… My daughter visits America regularly in the summer. My American friends never dry their hair after shampooing, which surprised me when they were all burning in cold AC homes

I have seen many women in America turn up with wet hair, probably waiting for it to dry naturally. I have never seen it in France.
4 – French lady nails
Lace Ongles are absolutely short, real, round and classic looking.
Specialty nail salons (UN Anglo) for example are more expensive in France than in the US, and if large and cheap nail salons are available in large cities, this will not happen in smaller cities.
Therefore, French women take care of their nails themselves. And it shows.

First, we do not wear super long nails. Fake or true, it’s not fashionable in France.
Again, nail polishes are much less creative: French manicure (also known as “French manicure” – this is not French at all !!) should be very classy, ​​but we usually have to be completely transparent or red in color.
We have no fancy drawings or nails.
3 – Clothes and shoes worn by French women Clothes
The French woman chooses her clothes carefully every day – no matter how the day is planned.
Although we don’t always dress to kill, sweat suits and sneakers are reserved for the gym.
There is never a big difference between what we wear during the day and what we wear to go out at night. Any French woman dress means 

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