Is there a way to determine the weight of being a model’s Victoria’s Secret?

Technically no, there are no models of agenicies who care about the weight they care about your measurements. Secret models for Victorias range from 5’8-6’0. Most of them are 5’10, wearing a size 32A-32D bra with a waist size of 23-26 inch and a 34 inch hip. 
Obviously the models will not weigh much at that time, the distance is probably from about 115-130 lbs (in the long run this looks much smaller than a few 115 lb women for example.)

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I have met other models of Victoria’s Secret when my daughter was a model in New York and I am also a former fashion model. It’s not a weighty thing, most of the model ratings you get on their comp cards. 

Bust, waist and hip measurements. Model weights are not listed in their collections or on the agency’s websites and no one has ever been rated at a fashion show. Most Victoria Secrets varieties are 5 ‘9’ high. A few are short, a few are tall.

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