WhatsApp Update: – New notification colors are on the way, check out the details here 

A new update for the beta version of WhatsApp on Android, change the colors, some of the parts of the message. WhatsApp Android beta update includes the new form of colors. To be a part of the beta program, means that the feature is still in development and not yet available to a much wider user base, but the beta-testing in terms of the the beta version of the WhatsApp app on the Android platform. 

In line with this, some of the elements of the user interface, notifications of WhatsApp messages, it seems like the notification shade, will turn to a blue, original, green, dark mode, reports WABetaInfo. The changes in the spectrum are likely to be in light mode, but it can still be a beta version to the users, ” he added after that. 

WhatsApp logo, icon, the “Reply-to” and “Mark as our Martyrs’ button will be blue, in with the new beta update, WABetaInfo reports. The changes in the spectrum may be due to the version of Android on the user’s device. 
WhatsApp has changed the colors of the profile pics of WhatsApp beta update for Android v2. 21. 11. 5.

Its a beta update to the v2.21.21.7, the WhatsApp has revealed that it is working on a feature that is known as the Flash, a Call. This will allow the user to automatically switch to log in, the inspection during a voice call. 

Features of Flash Call, WhatsApp will call the user’s phone number and then automatically end the call, to make sure that it is the last number in the log of their numbers are the same, which provide the 6-digit pin code. This phone number is always going to be different, in order to ensure your safety. The Flash is not going to be an issue in iOS devices, it will be mandatory for Android phones and tablets. 

WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that will allow users to easily send voice messages before you send them out. 

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